Cold Press Juices Vs Regular Juices


January and February were great for taking on new and healthy routines, making diet changes and getting regular exercise. One of the biggest crazes was juicing but what type of juicing is best for you or did you even know there’s a difference.

Regular juicing is what you’ll find in most cafes, delis and homes. It’s fast moving, typically uses metal blades that blend or squeeze the fruit and separates the juice via a centrifugal force. The problem with this process is that the fast moving blades generate heat which damages the fruit’s nutrients and ultimately reduces the health benefits delivered to the consumer. The squeezing exposes the juice to oxygen, which can lead to it developing harmful bacteria. Therefore, experts recommend drinking squeezed juice immediately. Cold-pressing on the other hand does not expose the juice to oxygen, so it usually keeps for a few days in the refrigerator.

Fresh Juicing
– Fast at producing juice
– Usually cheaper in price
– Efficient: don’t have to chop fruit and veg to put through machine
– Speed causes heat and nutrients lost
– Yields a large amount of pulp
– Hard to clean, food gets jammed into mesh filter over time
– Produces juice froth on top
– Not as efficient juicing leafy greens
– Can’t process nuts

Cold press juicing uses slower machines which crush and press fruit and veg to extract the highest juice yield. It’s a slow and delicate process but you are getting the most out of each piece of fruit or veg. Because cold pressed juicers have no blades, they don’t produce as much heat as a typical juice machines therefore they keep more nutrients intact. It still separates the juice from the pulp but you also need to chop all your produce beforehand, so prep time can take a while.

Cold Press Juicing
– More nutrients
– Darker colour in juicing
– Hardly any juice froth, just pure juice
– Extracts more juice through crushing mechanism
– Very quiet
– Less pulp than typical juicing
– Juices leafy greens more efficiently
– Can break down nuts to make nut milks
– Usually more expensive
– Takes longer to produce the same amount of juice
– Preparation: ingredients need to be chopped into small pieces to go through extraction
– Confusion, many people are unsure of the difference between juicers

Most of us don’t get enough fruits and veggies throughout the day so drinking them really is a great idea to get your recommended daily intake. Greens especially are the most healing foods on the planet and one of the most important additions you can make to your nourishing routine.