FlyeFit 5 Reviews


Angelina’s FlyeFit 5

Here at Angelina’s we believe in a happy and healthy lifestyle, we also believe people should be allowed to treat themselves sometimes but on the days that you are being well behaved and have decided to train hard, why not get stuck into one of our FlyeFit 5. These 5 dishes have been carefully selected based on their nutritional benefits by 4 of FlyeFit’s top trainers, Steven Mulvaney, Jay Robinson, Jay Reilly and Oisin Tracey. You may know these guys from your trips to one of the many FlyeFit gyms but we know them as experts in nutrition and training. Check out their top 5 picks below and dig in before the gym! Go get em’ people!


Steven Mulvaney
The Angelina Salad

“The Angelina salad ticks all the boxes for a fit and health conscious person. It’s packed with micro and macro nutrients that are perfect for a healthy body and mind and it’s packed with healthy fats along with good protein and a small amount of carbs. There is also a high dose of omega fatty acids which have a range of benefits including aiding in fat loss, fighting depression and anxiety, improving risk factors for heart disease and many more. I had my salad just before a killer spin class and my energy was through the roof for the whole duration of the class, but you could incorporate this salad anywhere into a healthy eating plan including breakfast.”


Jay Robinson
The Caribbean Jerk Salad

“I picked the Caribbean Jerk Chicken due to the composition of the salad. This dish would be beneficial to eat 1-2 hours prior to a workout with the quantity of carbohydrates that will fuel a workout aiding performance. With the composition of pineapple, sweet potato, coconut, spinach and mixed leaves there are a number of nutritional benefits to this salad. The majority of coconut is comprised of MCT’s (Medium Chained Triglycerides). Studies suggest replacing some calories with MCTs without going over daily caloric requirements can result in a small increase in the rate of fat loss over time. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, can reduce heart burn, act as a nasal decongestant and aid in the digestion of protein.”

 Tag line: “Nutritionally valuable pre workout meal”


Jay Reilly

The Cobb Salad
“I picked this dish as a post workout option, as it contained high protein foods such as chicken, egg and had bacon in it. The perfect choice to aid in the building and repair of tissues damaged during the training process. The beetroot contains fibre to aid in the digestive process and the white cheddar being a lower in calories than red cheddar and high in calcium and vitamin A. I feel that this dish would be best suited as a post workout option due to its high protein content, the sources of which were pure proteins containing low fat, giving me the nutrients I required after a tough workout. The best time to eat this dish would really depend on your schedule and workout times but it’s a healthy choice any time of day. I choose to have it around mid-afternoon as I usually train early afternoon. The Cobb Salad would be good for most types of exercise whether it be cardio, HIIT, weight lifting or martial arts. This meal contained a reasonable amount of protein and fats along with calcium and essential vitamins and minerals that the body requires on a daily basis. The protein aiding in the building and repairing of tissues and the vitamins and minerals helping the body function and avoiding fatigue. This salad also gives the body the ample requirement of food to help it recover faster, more efficiently and effectively.”


Oisin Tracey
The Californian Salad and The Sweet Potato Hotbox

“I picked the Californian salad as it was loaded with nutrient dense greens, packed full of healthy fats and high in protein with quinoa and turkey. I would recommend it for a pre workout meal as it is a high fat, high protein, refreshing salad that will boost your energy levels instead of leaving you tired and sluggish. Any time of the day would be good to eat this but personally I would eat it at lunchtime to get over that midday slump or before an afternoon workout. This will fuel you up for any workout you have planned and is also a really good one for people on low carb diets looking for a bit of variety in their healthy meal choices. Nutritional benefits include healthy greens rich in vitamin A, K, C and B6. It’s also high in healthy fat with ingredients like avocado, peanuts and feta cheese. These fats have been shown to improve brain health and also boost your immune system.”


“The bulk of protein in this meal is derived from freshly cooked turkey which is very low in fat but high in protein and quinoa which is a carbohydrate but is a very good source of plant based protein. Lastly, the blueberries and apple, both ingredients along with the kale are a great source of antioxidant’s, vitamin C and fibre which is important for gut health. Antioxidants are substances that help counteract oxidative damage on the body. This damage is believed to be among the leading drivers in aging and many diseases including cancer. Because the Californian Salad is rich in nutrients and vitamins it will ensure your immune system is running smoothly stopping you from getting run down and sick allowing you to be consistent with your training. It is also high in protein helping to aid muscle repair. My recommendations would be The Californian salad for pre workout and the Sweet Potato Hotbox for post workout.”