Help your body burn those calories throughout the day


We all know it’s tough to sit at the desk all day when what you really want to be doing is running through the Phoenix Park, swimming between the yellow markers at Seapoint or throwing a few kettle bells around your local gym. So, what can help your body and your state of mind whilst you’re stuck at the desk? Getting the right foods in throughout the day that’s what!

We’re going to hit you up with a few tips on what foods work, there’ll be plenty of more to come over the coming weeks too, but here’s a few for now…

Some foods can work to help your body burn fat throughout the day. Take Beetroot for instance, which contains betanine that can help the build-up of fatty deposits in the liver. Garlic can help lower cholesterol and Kale, the powerhouse plant that packs a punch, can help your liver process sugars and fats throughout the day and can also supress your appetite so that you can make right through the day until dinner time.

Almonds are another amazingly beneficial food that contain fibre, protein and dietary fat, the good fats that can help your body metabolize your food intake. Avocado, found in our Californian Salad, is a beast, don’t be fooled by this single seeded berry’s pale green complexion, this superfood contains 20g of mono-unsaturated fat and oleic fatty acids which can help the breakdown of abdominal fat. A study published in the journal of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research stated that monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat-based foods and dressings contain disease fighting compounds associated with improved weight and fat loss.

Another great food, both in taste and nutritional qualities is Pineapple it contains an enzyme called bromelain can help the body digest protein, so they’re a perfect to help your body digest the chicken in your Caribbean Salad from our deli. Pineapple is also low in energy density, or calories per gram which means it can help you feel full without even eating too many calories. Mixing low-energy-density foods, like pineapple, with foods higher in energy density can help you lower the overall energy density of your meals.

Make sure when you’re trying to make that all important lunch decision that you take a proper look at the menu and really think about what foods will benefit you. Everyone’s bodies are different so make sure your eating the right stuff to keep that engine running!