January Resolutions


So we might have overindulged a little over Christmas and New Years – too much cheese, booze, chocolate and the rest! But January is the perfect opportunity to launch into a new routine and start a fresh! It’s time to focus on how we really feel and how healthy we are. So get up off your behind and improve the state of your body and mind.

1. Eat More Fruit & Veg and Fibre
Naturally high in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and low in calories and fat, whole foods help keep us full, fit, fuelled and running well. Choose foods without labels, minimal processing and less additives. It’s easy to do – fill up on vegetable broth or soup, try porridge for breakfast, eat wholemeal pasta instead of white or switch to brown rice instead of white. It’s a series of little steps and it’s all about feeling better, having more energy and becoming a better version of yourself.

2. Meditation / Mindfulness
Practicing meditation and applying mindfulness can be the best way to overhaul how you think on a regular basis. Formal meditation starts building our ability to sustain our attention for longer periods of time. Just a few minutes at a time can help you get on track. Take up a meditation class or use an app to get the ball rolling. Try completing a mindfulness review at the end of each day, focusing on how you felt and if there were any obstacles you faced in hitting your goals.

3. Get Walking
With no special equipment or training required it couldn’t be easier to get started on this one straight away. A daily walk can bring immense transformation in a short time. Remember, it should benefit mind as well as body. Switch off technology and focus on the movement of your body in the moment. Your mind will be rested, your body energised, your mood lifted, your stress gone. Walking will never be the same again.

4. Build your Fitness
Once you’ve decided to take the fitness plan seriously consider joining a gym. If you are focused on getting fit this is ideal for burning fat and improving your body shape. Or if you want to boost your fitness levels but feel the gym isn’t right for you take up a new sports activity or class, this could provide a fun yet fit alternative. Gyms and clubs around the city offer everything from karate classes through to climbing tutorials. It’s time to get sporty and enjoy a healthier future! Check out FlyeFit (http://www.flyefit.ie/) with individual and roaming memberships and open 24 hours a day these guys have it sussed and can help you reach your goals quick time!

5. Relaxation
Set aside more time for relaxation. Some fitness fanatics can work so hard and exercise so long that they end up burning out! If you really want to live a long and healthy life, make sure you don’t overdo it. Make the most of each day but don’t sacrifice your sleep just so you can spend an extra hour at the gym. Resting from exercise is vital for rejuvenation and if you want to avoid illness so make sure to count it in!