Office Yoga


Working too hard and starting to feel the strain on the mind and body in the workplace? Take 10 minutes out to complete these three simple yoga poses and you’ll feel energised, destressed and ready to take on the world! Their also fairly discrete so you won’t get too many strange looks from your colleagues!

Firstly while sitting in the office chair, open your legs and stretch out your knees. Slowly lean forward while exhaling, and while bending over, make sure your back is straight and your chest is wide open. While bent over, relax the head between the knees. This move is called Uttanasana – forward bend.

Benefits – Great for relieving stress in the lower back and giving the body an overall stress relief.

Next while still sitting in the chair you can take on the Side Twist. Inhale, open up your chest, exhale and twist the upper body to the right. While twisting, make sure your head is following your shoulders. Repeat the twist to the left.

Benefits – Gives the internal organs a nice squeeze, then a stretch and release.

Lastly stand up very tall, put the feet together and put your hands on the hips or lower back. Inhale and lean backwards. As you lean back exhale and let your head tip back. This is the Standing Camel Pose.

Benefits – This counteracts the forward bending while at the desk or computer and prevents crunching up your shoulders.

Uttanasana (Forward Bend) – Sitting

Chair Twist 

Standing Camel Pose